This isn't a blog, but rather a collection of information.

Comedy writing is not easy. It takes discipline and professionalism to get a career off the ground. Considering how harsh the business can be, I wanted to use the resources I have available to me to give comedy writers a hand.

This site is designed to connect comedy writers of all types and offer them the resources they need to forward their careers.

I'm a humour writer living in Toronto. I'm also a grad student at Ryerson University. This is my major research project.

I'm sorry I've been off the grid lately. An update is long overdue, but, you know, life. I've been thinking a lot about the broad appeal of open world games lately. Coming off E3, it looks like the latest raft of AAA games are mostly open world. I have a feeling - with the exception [...]

I think creating strong characters is the most important element of a good RPG. Your world can be amazing or your battle systems creative, but if you have flat, forgettable characters, then your story will suffer too. The characters are your story's engine, in a way. Once you have your strong characters fleshed out, all [...]

Brace yourselves – this is a long article. At the early conception stages of Blackwater, I gave a lot of thought to what I liked about many RPG titles and what I didn't like. So here I've written up a short list of the key considerations I had when I was world building and working [...]

Hello! I'm Dan, the Producer and Narrative Designer of the project currently entitled BLACKWATER. I've been putting off starting a developer diary, but it's a new year full of yet-to-be broken resolutions, so here goes! Blackwater consists of a small, dedicated team - 7 people spread over 4 countries! I'm already getting ahead of myself. [...]